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Meet the GAP 2016 committee

  Sian Ferguson Chairperson Pronoun: She Hometown: Cape Town Sian is particularly passionate about activism involving sexual assault, mental illness and sex worker’s rights. Sian says, “My favourite feminist icon is Gorata Chengeta, the previous chairperson of GAP.” GAP is important to me because it’s a very rare space where students get to connect and make a real […]

2015’s best hashtags for social justice

2015 saw the creation many hashtags that gave way to fruitful campaigns, targeting a wide range of issues such as racism, sexism and rape culture. These are some of my favourites in no particular order.

Posting in Solidarity

Day one of our post it solidarity campaign for The Silent Protest, in the foyer of the library all week. Come and post your support!

Working Women: #3 Roxanne Gerber

While most artisan cake bakers have a background in design, Roxanne Gerber is starting her artistic and baking adventures all at once. “It was a procrastination project while I was studying, to take my mind of work. But then everyone started to ask, ‘what do you do for fun besides cooking’,” said Roxanne. “When I […]

Trading Live with The Raphael Centre

During Trading Live for Mandela Week (27 – 31 July 2015), we had a lovely Gender workshop with the staff of the Raphael Centre. It was great to meet these inspiring people. Sian Ferguson (vice chair of GAP) gave a very interesting presentation on transgender people.

Working Women: #2 Nondumiso Pinyana

Nondumiso Pinyana is a Social Worker who has been with Raphael Centre in Grahamstown since the initiative began. “I volunteered when it started in 1999” said Nondumiso. “But only began to be paid in 2004”. Nondumiso co-ordinates the Child and Youth Wellness Program of the HIV/AIDS community project. “The purpose is to keep students in school […]

67 minutes of activity do not create sustainable change

Originally posted on Rape Crisis Cape Town Blog:
The superficiality of the 67 minutes of charity that people offer one day a year on Mandela Day and how far this is from Mandela’s legacy of changing attitudes and addressing inequality in our country were a hot topic for media commentators last year. Will their message…