Meet the GAP 2016 committee


12507136_10207481439088439_5776049152677681595_n (1).jpg

Sian Ferguson
Pronoun: She
Hometown: Cape Town

Sian is particularly passionate about activism involving sexual assault, mental illness and sex worker’s rights.

Sian says, “My favourite feminist icon is Gorata Chengeta, the previous chairperson of GAP.”

GAP is important to me because it’s a very rare space where students get to connect and make a real difference in our university and the rest of our society. Through GAP, we can critically engage with issues of social justice and oppression. This year, I hope to see GAP host more events and cover more topics through our discussions and campaigns. I envisage us as a society that will be at the forefront of gender-based transformation in South Africa’s higher education system.”

Follow her on twitter & instagram: @sianfergs

FB_IMG_1444558286449.jpgSikhona Nazo
Pronoun: She
Hometown/s: Cape Town King Williams Town & Pretoria

Sikhona says, “GAP has played a major role in pushing for the development of gender equality on campus, and society as a whole. We have sparked conversations around feminism and social justice, and stressed the importance of intersectionality. It is absolutely vital to be intersectional in order for us to be to be productive and inclusive.”

I’m passionate about: providing support to survivors and victims of sexual violence, and all marginalized groups. I’m hoping to create a safe space, solidarity an support to all individuals of marginalized groups. You can follow Sikhona on twitter: @sikhona_nazo
and on instagram: @sikhonanazo


IMG_6915.JPGAkissi Beukman
Administrative Officer 
Pronouns: She and they
Hometown: Pretoria

Akissi says she is passionate about the implementation of justice in unequal spaces and making sure that people feel comfortable and welcome. Frida Kahlo is one of their feminist icons.

Akissi says, “I joined GAP because I believe in its cause. It creates a beautiful safe space for those who have been harmed and need a space to heal. It creates an awareness about certain issues concerning gender and rape that I feel are necessary to our acknowledgement as a society.

I’m hoping to achieve, with GAP this year, a sense that people feel support and that they are not alone in their struggles and hopefully get more people involved and excited about issues faced every day e.g racism, sexism etc.”

Follow Akissi on instagram:@queenpokou

Nokwanda Tressure Dlamini
Internal Projects Officer
Hometown: Barberton, Mpumalanga

Nokwanda says, “ I have been making speeches and debating about various topics since I was in primary school. It is this ability to speak that makes me want to lend my voice to various causes. I joined GAP because it is an organization that lives up to the values in which I believe feminism is founded upon. Its members display ethics that strengthen their cause and their cause along with the society that they are striving for is humble. I am honoured to join the struggle towards achieving it.”

Follow Nokwanda on twitter: starvistars

11150775_10153032039033303_2747086348872535944_n (1).jpg

Chelsea Haith
Media Officer

Chelsea enjoys subtle sarcasm, dry white wine and smashing the patriarchy. As the Media Officer of GAP she intends to promote gender equality and related concerns as well as to document the events and goings-on of the society.

Chelsea joined GAP because she was fed up with arguing ineffectually with misogynists in bars and decided to do something more constructive with her time. In 2016, she aims to contribute to making GAP a more open, ideologically attractive and well-regarded society and to provide a space for engaged, constructive discussion as well as a place of safety for survivors and victims of oppression.

As an English Honours student, she looks up to noted feminist creatives Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Tracy Chapman and Alice Walker.Follow her on twitter: CheckpointChels

Trecia “Trish” Makhubele
Community Engagement officer
Pronoun: She
Hometown: Bushbuckridge

Trish’s favourite thing about GAP is the people. She says, “GAP houses people from all walks of life, with varying experiences, personalities and interests. This creates a knowledge powerhouse, which gives me an opportunity to learn from those around me.”

In 2016, Trish hopes to create spaces where people can learn and grow intellectually through her work with GAP. Follow Trish on twitter or instagram: Spiritus_Mundii

Vanessa Madalitso Banda
Internal Projects officer
Pronoun: She and they
Hometown: Harare (unofficially )

Vanessa joined GAP because she cares about equality. Her favourite thing about GAP, she says, is that “you will meet the most amazing and passionate people who will make you want to be a better person.”

Vanessa aims to help make GAP more intersectional and get more people involved in GAP activities.  Vanessa’s feminist icon is Frida Kahlo. Follow Vanessa on instagram: vans_bans

Lesedi Thwala
Hometown: Lichtenburg


Lesedi is a 21-year-old female, currently doing her second year of her Bachelor of Arts at Rhodes University. A die-hard feminist, Motswako rapper and recovering book worm and poet, Lesedi is passionate about South African literature and dreams of becoming an author someday. Lesedi’s favourite feminist is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Lesedi says, “I joined GAP because as a rape survivor and queer black woman who experiences oppression from male, white and heteronormative privilege everyday, I know that a lot still needs to be done for marginalized people.”

10446486_10152201444044639_4219477940512069976_n.jpgGorata Chengeta
Social Media Manager/Webmaster
Hometown: Gaborone, Botswana

Gorata is interested in issues such as ending rape culture, understanding different gender identities, the impact of the media on society, and intersectionality.

She says, “As GAP’s webmaster this year, I’d like to use GAP’s social media platforms to ensure that students are always informed about gender issues. I’d also like to publish pieces that centre students’ experiences and create awareness. I am part of GAP because I really believe in its mission to create a safe, accepting environment for people of all genders. Being a part of Gender Action Project has taught me a lot and allowed me to meet lots of lovely, caring people.

Gorata doesn’t have a favourite feminist, per se. She says, “I draw inspiration from all the feminists and womanists, wherever they are in the world, who have paved the way for me.”

You can follow her on twitter: @gorahtah



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