As the name suggests, trans-exclusionary radical feminism refers to a branch of feminism that believes that trans women are men, not women. Essentially, they believe that gender is determined by one’s genitals, not one’s gender identity.

They don’t believe that trans women are oppressed, despite the fact that trans women are very much vulnerable to abuse, poverty, homelessness, mental illness, and a lack of access to medical care and state assistance.

TERFs have been instrumental in barring trans women from gaining and exercising their human rights. TERF groups have attempted to prevent trans women from using women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and other women’s-only amenities.

Notorious TERF, Cathy Brennan, is well-known for doxxing trans women. This means that Brennan compiled information on trans women – sometimes publishing the information online – and often outed them to their friends, families, acquaintances, colleagues, doctors, and others, thus putting their lives in danger.

Trans-exclusionary radical feminism invalidates the experiences and identities of trans people. It is dangerous.

Just to be clear, at Gender Action Project, we reject TERF-ism as it perpetuates transantagonism – something we, as a student society, want to tackle. We recognise 100% that trans women are women. We support trans people no matter their gender or lack thereof.
More info: http://www.transadvocate.com/you-might-be-a-terf-if_n_10226.htm

Image by Michelle Avenant

Image by Michelle Avenant


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