Working Women: #2 Nondumiso Pinyana


Nondumiso Pinyana is a Social Worker at the Raphael Centre, Grahamstown, South Africa, August, 2015. Photo: Jane Berg.

Nondumiso Pinyana is a Social Worker who has been with Raphael Centre in Grahamstown since the initiative began.

“I volunteered when it started in 1999” said Nondumiso. “But only began to be paid in 2004”.

Nondumiso co-ordinates the Child and Youth Wellness Program of the HIV/AIDS community project.

“The purpose is to keep students in school and to make them strong, to identify and understand their identity” she said.

Born in Peddie, Nondumiso finished school in Grahamstown where she has lived most of her life.

“I wanted to be a social worker when I finished school. But back then there were no opportunities,” said Nondumiso.

“The thing that I like about this work is that I know development is not something easy” she said. “It’s about helping people to live a normal life, where they can find the resources they need and how they can move forward”.

South Africa commemorates Women’s Month in August as a tribute to the more than 20 000 women who marched to the Union Buildings on 9 August 1956 in protest against the extension of Pass Laws to women. This August, GAP is publishing a micro-profile a day on women working in Grahamstown in 2015.

About the photographer: Jane Berg is a photojournalist working in Grahamstown finishing her Bachelor of Journalism Degree at Rhodes University. She is the Media Officer for The Gender Action Project. You can see more of her work at and on her Facebook page.


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