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Abortion in Grahamstown

content warning: abortion “Well, I had an inkling I might have been pregnant for about two weeks. But only found out about it, after taking a hasty pregnancy test in the mall…” Sam* explains her story. She did not tell her family about it. No support was offered from anyone other than herself and closest […]


Cross-orientation describes a situation in which someone’s romantic orientation doesn’t ‘align’ with their sexual orientation, and is also known as a ‘mixed orientation’. Often when we speak about ‘sexual orientation’, we assume that sexual and romantic orientation are the same thing. For example, we assume homosexual people are also homoromantic, that bisexual people are biromantic, […]

Working Women: #20 Taz

Taz is a familiar face at Red Café on High Street where she waitresses and at the store she runs on the ground floor, In The Loop.Taz has made money from working part time all her life, she also writes, barters and makes pottery. “You have to do everything you can and in the end […]

Working Women: #19 Inge de Klerk

Inge de Klerk works full time as a dentist in a state clinic in Joza and she is the partner in a new shoe business Rosie Toes. Although she and another work colleague only started the business in February this year, and have has not sold a single pair of shoes in Grahamstown, they frequently […]

Working Women: #18 Sasha Armstrong

“I need to be creative so at the moment it’s just jewelry but I’m hoping to move on to some bigger things,” said Sasha Armstrong owner of That’s Random. “I studied art and graduated with a BFA, but then I got stuck in admin and finance so this is like my escape to stay sane,” said […]

Working Women: #17 Tapiwa and Alice Chindeka

Reading towards a degree in math and computer science, Tapiwa Chindeka makes bags and accessories to take her mind off academia. “I do it to use a different part of my brain, it’s my creative side” she said. “It started when I wanted a bag but I didn’t want to buy it. So I decided […]

White Feminism

White feminism refers to a form of feminism centred around white, financially privileged women, without considering the perspectives and problems of women faced with more than one form of oppression, particularly women of colour. Often white feminism also excludes transgender women, non-binary people, disabled people, poor people, and other oppressed people. Basically, white feminism fails […]