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Abortion in Grahamstown

content warning: abortion “Well, I had an inkling I might have been pregnant for about two weeks. But only found out about it, after taking a hasty pregnancy test in the mall…” Sam* explains her story. She did not tell her family about it. No support was offered from anyone other than herself and closest […]

Real men

“Boys don’t cry”. Performing in a tough guise men act invulnerable; emotionless, and physically tough. Protectors of the weak. So what about weak men? Othered because of their insinuation that other men might be weak. They are degraded to women who are supposed to be vulnerable, passive, and in need of help. With a society in the hands […]

“I’m a foreigner, and I’m afraid”

The reality is this: foreign students feel uncomfortable.The question is why, and what it means for where they position themselves amid all this talk of “transformation” at Rhodes University. Zimbabwean brothers Ashraf* and Bhanir* moved to South Africa to study. Ashraf decided to do Law and Journalism at Rhodes University, and his brother went to the […]

Voices from the silences of women

content warning: rape, abuse There was a night, a night I could not sleep, I could not eat and I could not dream. It’s the night they robbed them, sexually abused them And brutally killed them. They slept there, there with blood over their bodies And they never woke up. There was a time and […]

Transgender vs Transracial: Caitlyn Jenner vs Rachel Dolezal

Most people know what transgender means: identifying as a gender that is not the same as the sex you were born into. Being transracial is not the same. Transracial does not refer to people who identify as a race different to their own. It refers to adopted children who are a different race than their […]