Monosexism is oppression based on the belief that monosexuality – i.e. being attracted to only one gender – is better and more legitimate than other sexual orientations.
In other words, it’s the belief that people who are exclusively heterosexual or exclusively homosexual are more valid or superior to those who are bisexual, asexual, pansexual, sexually fluid, etc.

It’s rooted in the idea that people can only be attracted to one gender.
Monosexism often manifests in the idea that bisexuality isn’t a real sexuality, or in the idea that bisexual people are greedy, promiscuous, or always unfaithful.

It also results in asexuality being viewed as wrong or unnatural.
A few studies suggest that polysexual and asexual people have worse access to healthcare and housing, and are likely to live in poverty and suffer from mental illnesses.

Many organisations that aim to be ‘LGBT’ inclusive forget, and leave out, people who aren’t monosexual.
In order to have an effective, inclusive and compassionate movement, the queer community needs to identify and fight against monosexism.

Image by Michelle Avenant

Image by Michelle Avenant


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