67 minutes of activity do not create sustainable change

Rape Crisis Cape Town Blog

The superficiality of the 67 minutes of charity that people offer one day a year on Mandela Day and how far this is from Mandela’s legacy of changing attitudes and addressing inequality in our country were a hot topic for media commentators last year. Will their message be heeded in 2015?

Critics protested that the privileged classes, politicians and corporations “tick a box” for 67 minutes, then ignore the country’s structural inequalities for the rest of the year. They argued that these random handouts do not empower communities in the long run or drive lasting change at an organisational level but merely serve to appease the conscience.

Mandela’s legacy has not survived. There is vast inequality between black and white, rich and poor, the well-educated and the poorly educated, between men and women. 67 minutes do not address the structural causes of inequality that he fought against. We as citizens…

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