GAP Picnic & Feminist Sharing Space

This Saturday September 19, 2015, the Gender Action Project held a Picnic and Feminist Sharing Space at the Botanical Gardens in Grahamstown. The rain on Friday thankfully gave way to a breezy day with spots of sunshine, healthy snacks were provided and devoured, as was poetry on a range of feminist concerns. Poetry such as Desireé Dallagiacomo and Kaycee Filson’s “real sex tips” and work by Dominique Christina launched intriguing discussions. Here are some of the pictures from the event.

IMG_5597GAPpicnic IMG_5537GAPpicnic IMG_5541GAPpicnic IMG_5545GAPpicnic IMG_5546GAPpicnic IMG_5554GAPpicnic IMG_5555GAPpicnic IMG_5558GAPpicnic IMG_5560GAPpicnic IMG_5563GAPpicnic IMG_5564GAPpicnic IMG_5568GAPpicnic IMG_5573GAPpicnic IMG_5575GAPpicnic IMG_5576GAPpicnic IMG_5580GAPpicnic IMG_5584GAPpicnic IMG_5588GAPpicnic IMG_5594GAPpicnic IMG_5596GAPpicnic

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