Real men

“Boys don’t cry”.

Performing in a tough guise men act invulnerable; emotionless, and physically tough.

Protectors of the weak. So what about weak men?

Othered because of their insinuation that other men might be weak.

They are degraded to women who are supposed to be vulnerable, passive, and in need of help.

With a society in the hands of those afraid to lose power, everyone becomes either a manipulator or a weakling.

It takes a different kind of power to have it, but not need to use it.

The kind of power real human beings have.

Change together.

Hendri is a writer, thinker, and believer. He sees a world without oppression and that is what he writes towards. He hopes to work with others to achieve this goal and to free those (including himself) who are still oppressed. He believes we are all allowed happiness and should accept nothing less. 


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