Working Women: #4 Leaza Tobias


Leaza Tobias at her home in Grahamstown where she runs a successful printing business.

Leaza, a self-employed woman working in Grahamstown has one work colleague, she is black and white, one foot tall, and named Pixie.

With little assistance from her feline companion, Leaza runs a successful business printing photos onto pillow cases, books, blankets, clocks, photo albums, shirts and other items, many of which she makes herself. She is also often hired to restore old photos, and for web-design, and has recently started a Thelwall pony range in different products.

“I studied fine art which gives me a good sense of the elements of design” she said. Her work involves very meticulous and often repetitive action, and you have to “have an eye for it”.

Although the actual screen printing of the photos she sends for printers in Port Elizabeth she hopes to move to a bigger house so that she can get more hands on with her smaller products, such as sewing hats and gloves or making clocks.

Other than a slight lack of social interaction, working at home, she says, is ideal. It gives her a lot of free time to dedicate to her riding hobby and of course, her cat.

South Africa commemorates Women’s Month in August as a tribute to the more than 20 000 women who marched to the Union Buildings on 9 August 1956 in protest against the extension of Pass Laws to women. This August, GAP is publishing a micro-profile a day on women working in Grahamstown in 2015.

About the photographer: Jane Berg is a photojournalist working in Grahamstown finishing her Bachelor of Journalism Degree at Rhodes University. She is the Media Officer for The Gender Action Project. You can see more of her work at and on her Facebook page.


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