Voices from the silences of women

content warning: rape, abuse

There was a night, a night I could not sleep,

I could not eat and I could not dream.

It’s the night they robbed them, sexually abused them

And brutally killed them.

They slept there, there with blood over their bodies

And they never woke up.

There was a time and also a time when silences where broken,

When women stood up and confronted their struggles.

It was when they said: “Stop, stop, stop”.

Can’t you see that it is enough, enough, enough…?

I heard these voices descending from a grieve,

A grieve of silences coming from a distance,

A distance between life and death.

This was not just a turning point supported by the forces of the universe

But this was also a call to “UBUNTU”.

One of the victims from these women,

She stood up and she said this loud:

“I cannot explain what they did to me.”

Tears were falling from her eyes

As she was going back to her position,

I felt cold and empty,

How could someone who call himself a man do that?

Poor men or rich men, young men or adult men,

Dodgers or cheaters, brothers or fathers.

Our dignity is falling into pieces,

A beautiful flower is not smelling sweet anymore.

Power cannot replace what we did to them.

Picture this poem recited by your daughter,

Questioning your dignity and how we have been trapped in these silences.

Silences that descends from these grievances,

Grievances that descends from these experiences.

It is from the state of brute that their voices shouts of equality,

The voice offering truth and offering hope at the same time.

This is the voice from the silences of women.

It is their voice that awake us from all the corners of the universe,

Thembani Maat Onceya is a writer, poet and activist. He is studying a BA at Rhodes University.


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