Misogyny is a form of sexism which involves the structural devaluation of women and femininity. In other words, it’s the attitude that women and femininity is inferior to men and masculinity.

There are endless examples of misogyny in our society. Misogynistic stereotypes include the myth that all women are over-emotional, ‘crazy’, dramatic, shallow, weak, and unintelligent. The idea that women ‘owe’ men sex is another example of misogyny.

Misogyny can be perpetuated by women. Some women may believe – on a conscious or subconscious level – that femininity and women are inferior. This is called “internalized misogyny”. An example of internalized misogyny is when women say they don’t like socializing with other women because women are too much drama, to shallow, or too bitchy. Another example of internalized misogyny is when women buy into the idea that their only value is to serve and obey men. A third example is when women demean other women with comments intended to shame them for their (perceived) sexuality; referring to them as sluts, sferbs, loose etc.

Image by Michelle Avenant

Image by Michelle Avenant


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